Salad from chicken fillet, yogurt and vegetables. Dietary salad with chicken.

This recipe of dietary salad with yogurt concerns all those who want to eat deliciously and not gain extra pounds. Salad is very useful due to the large number of vitamins and nutrients. Very often, people who are overweight are looking for tips on the Internet on how to lose weight quickly, or what is there to not improve, I want to give you an answer to this question, it is necessary to include this dietary salad in the diet.

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Bean salad is a recipe. Delicious salad of beans and tomatoes.

A pleasant combination of fresh vegetables and beans with a fragrant salad dressing that will combine the aromas of all the ingredients of a wonderful salad. The salad recipe with tomatoes and beans was cooked faster, but the mayonnaise was part of the salad, that’s found a wonderful recipe, cooking itself is not difficult, and it will not take much time. The raisin is garlic, which will give the spicy and pleasant taste effect

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The hen baked in an oven. Chicken grilled recipe with garlic.

Chicken baked in the oven in garlic sauce, it’s just euphoria, we very often cook this exotic, garlic sauce, which lubricates the chicken, gives it an exclusive and not hammered taste. The recipe for this chicken is very different from the grilled chicken, if you say two words, “the grilled chicken nervously smokes on the sideways.))))”. Marinade makes it gentle and unsurpassed.

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Makhito Cocktail. Makhito recipe.

One of the simplest cocktails that suits your beloved company, as it can be both alcoholic and without alcohol. The basis of this cocktail is lime and mint. The ice makes it cool, especially suitable in hot weather. Perfect for you if you want to invite friends to a party, if someone is driving, no problem, we do non-alcoholic mahito, replacing rum with sprite, or svepes. Cook and enjoy!

Ingredients for Makhito.

  • Lime – 1 pc.
  • Rum – 50 gr.
  • Mint leaves – 5 pcs.
  • Brown sugar (or simple sugar) – 1 spoon.
  • Swede, or Sprite

Recipe for a cocktail of mahito at home


  1. Rub the mint leaves and put them in a glass, wash the lime and cut them into pieces and put them in a glass of mint, only leave one of the plates for decoration of the glass, and well spread out with a pizza or a comfortable item.

2. Add sugar.

3. Now add 50 gr. White rum, if you decide to make an alcoholic cocktail, and mix well to make the sugar break.

4. After an hour of ice, up to the top, forced by the ice, two cubes of grain, and a sieve to pokrishit.

5. Now add a little sprite or tonic, and mix everything lightly with a tube.

6. That’s all. Makhito is ready! It remains to decorate with lime and mint! (If you decide to cook without an alcoholic beverage, then you need to replace the rum with a sprite, or a swede). Enjoy your meal!

Baked bacon in the oven. How to cook meat in foil.

We invite lovers of delicious meat here. Pork bacon is a kind of meat with high fat content. Therefore, who does not love greasy food, this recipe will not work. Baked bacon has its own specific light taste and a pleasant aroma that is not confused with anything. The main condition for the preparation of tasty bacon is fresh meat, fragrant spices and a simple recipe.

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Dessert, ice cream with banana. How to cook a delicious dessert.

What to cook for dessert, or something delicious to a child for dessert. I’ll tell you honestly, from this dessert you will have memories for life. Roasted bananas in brown sugar, and ice cream, which we put on a banana, form an unforgettable aroma and taste.


Ingredients that you need to make a delicious dessert.

Banana – 2 pieces
Brown sugar – 5 tbsp. Spoons
Oil – 80 grams
Honey natural – 3 tbsp. Spoons
Ice cream – 400 g
Chocolate watering, or melted chocolate – 3 tbsp. Spoons



Recipe for dessert with ice cream and banana

1. Peel bananas from the skin.

2. Put oil in the frying pan, when melted add brown sugar.

3. Put the bananas in sugar and fry for 2 minutes. from each side.

4. Bananas fried in sugar must be divided into pieces and put on a plate.

5. Put the ice cream on the fried fruit.

6. All this is watered with honey and melted chocolate (or chocolate polish).

7. Banana dessert is ready. Bon Appetit!