Salad from chicken fillet, yogurt and vegetables. Dietary salad with chicken.

This recipe of dietary salad with yogurt concerns all those who want to eat deliciously and not gain extra pounds. Salad is very useful due to the large number of vitamins and nutrients. Very often, people who are overweight are looking for tips on the Internet on how to lose weight quickly, or what is there to not improve, I want to give you an answer to this question, it is necessary to include this dietary salad in the diet.

What we need to prepare a low-calorie salad:

  • Peking cabbage – 1 pc
  • Cucumber – 2 pieces
  • Pepper – 1 pc
  • Olive oil – 2 tbsp.
  • tomatoes 3 pcs.
  • chicken eggs – 2 pieces
  • salt and pepper
  • chicken fillet – 300 gr
  • Ygurt (without flavors) – 200 gr.

Salad Recipe with yoghurt, vegetables and chicken

  1. Chicken fillet cut along, slightly beaten with a hammer, salt and pepper. On the heated frying pan pour out the oil, reheat it and put the chicken fillet there. Fry until cooked on both sides, and let cool.

2. Leaves of Peking cabbage are mine, and we tear our hands in small pieces.

3. Cucumber and pepper sliced beautifully, in the form of straw.

4. Chicken fillet, which we are fried in a frying pan, cut into strips.

5. We prepare the dressing, mix yogurt with olive oil, salt and pepper, you can squeeze a few grams of lemon juice with bachanyni.

6. Put the pepper and cabbage on a plate.

7. We spread the chopped chicken, pour the dressing and mix it, put the tomato slices and quarts of boiled egg on the floor.

8. Salad for weight loss is ready! Bon Appetit!